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JOHNNY LIGHTNING TRUCK & TRAILER – 2002 CHEVY SILVERADO TRUCK CAMPER & CAR TRAILER 2 newly-tooled accessories on ONE card!? That’s right! Here’s the first look at the pre-production samples for our upcoming Truck & Trailer series! The new camper shells feature stunning detail and look fantastic sitting on our popular Silverado casting! And the…

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JOHNNY LIGHTNING 1996 DODGE RAM (PROJECT IN PROGRESS) Who says you can only have project “cars”? If you reside in the midwest like the Johnny Lightning crew, this truck probably looks familiar to you. We love our trucks. We run them through the woods, haul our toys, and work them down to their last leg.…

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This Friday’s sneak is a big one! Here’s a first look at the tooling mockup of our camper cap for various 1:64 scale trucks. Featuring rear-ladder, roof-rack bars, clear windows, and a rooftop AC unit, this has all the details to make any JL collector a “happy camper”! Expect to see the new camper cap…

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